Sept 16, Notes - History Notes Constitution continued Three...

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History Notes – 9/16/08 Constitution continued: Three factors that helped form the constitution: o 1. The Colonial Experience People brought to the convention the type of government that they did not want – and these things were learned through the colonial experience. They learned from the articles of confederation what did not work. Learned what they needed. From the state constitutions they learned what works. There were 8 people in the convention that had helped draw up state constitutions. There was very little variations in the state constitutions across the country, which is surprising and revealing. Some things just work. The Ways People Look At The Constitution: o 1. A Bundle of Compromises (looks where they didn’t agree) 1. The Great Compromise New Jersey created the New Jersey Plan wanted to represent the states equally. New Jersey is a little state. Virginia Plan suggested that representation be based on population. Virginia is a big state. The solution: A bicameral legislature (the lower House of Representatives is based on population, and the upper house the senate is equally representative of the states). 2. The 3/5 Compromise
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Sept 16, Notes - History Notes Constitution continued Three...

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