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Field Research Assignment - Cheng 1 Zhenting Cheng...

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Cheng 1 Zhenting Cheng Geography 70AC, Summer 2011 Instructor: Rachel Brahinsky Field Research Assignment Enduring Chinese History in Chinatown Oakland After Immigrants from China started moving in to the United States in 1848 due to discovery of gold in Sacramento they eventually settled in 8 th and Webster streets in Chinatown, Oakland (Wong 1). Chinatown is one oldest neighborhoods of Oakland and it is well known for its Asian multi-ethnicity and cultural identity. The area the first Chinese immigrants settled in was later to be graced by the arrival of other immigrants from Asia besides the Chinese, such as Japanese, Vietnamese, Filipino, Laos, among others. Up to the present, the town remains as one of the settling points of immigrants from Asia. The Chinese initially believed only in their values and were full of prejudice and quite intolerant to other groups of people and were therefore forced out of the gold mining fields as a result of the many disputes that occurred. Therefore, Chinatown did not begin as a planned neighborhood, but as a result of the settlement by Chinese immigrants. Chinatown Oakland has many old and new structures that tell of the oriental culture of its inhabitants. Everything you see in and around the town betrays the town as a Chinese dominated area. Though places like the university of California, metro trans-commission library, Harrison square and Lincoln Park are some of the public places that give the town a station of metropolis, there are indications everywhere that this is a Chinese town. For instance, street decorations are majorly done by Chinese designs and directions are given in both English and Chinese. Some of the impressive
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Cheng 2 Chinese places are Buddhist Church of Oakland, Kar Mee fortune cookie factory and the orient market. There are lots of Chinese and Asian restaurants, like the Shan Dong hotel, that serve authentic Asian cuisines. There are many exquisite events of Chinese kind that happen in the available public spaces in Oakland Chinatown. According to Nancy’s Travelblogue, Madison Park in the town hosts Tai Chi dance and sessions of oral narratives about the history of the Asian immigrants (1). The geopolitical position of Chinatown in Oakland is suitable for the flourishing of
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Field Research Assignment - Cheng 1 Zhenting Cheng...

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