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Zhenting Cheng Film review: Chavez Ravine: A Los Angeles Story Photographer Don Normark shows us different images of a close-knit Mexican American Village on a hill overlooking downtown Los Angele, and tells us the story of how this Mexican American community was destroy by those greedy, political, and wealth people of hypocrisy. It happened in the early 1950s, about 300 families that lived in Chavez Ravine had been forcefully evicted because of the so-call low-income public housing project in the city of Los Angeles. These Mexican-American‟s legal rights were ignored in front of greed, political hypocrisy, one of the resident who was interviewed recalls a public hearing prior to the community‟s removal: “My grandma got up and she says, „You don‟t have no right to‟-in Spanish, right-„you don‟t have no right to buy us out of our neighborhood. Our kids were born and raised here. Besides, you bastards, my son died [in WW II]. Can you replace my son?‟ Then she started crying, and that
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