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Reading reflection hollow city

Reading reflection hollow city - drive the rich out of the...

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Zhenting Cheng Reading Reflection on Hollow City Solnit writes about aspects of dot com culture that I’ve never experience before, certainly never been able to articulate as the problem. By skyrocketing residential and commercial rents, lots of artists, activists, nonprofit organizations and the poor are driven out of the city. It is also a form of homogenization of the city’s architecture, industries, and population, decay of the public life, and the erasure of the sites of civic memory. On the other hand, Solnit also point out that we cannot simply indict those industry, landlords and other people who benefit from dot commers’ salaries are more than willing to turn the city into a better public place for them. I found the book is conversational and funny. Solnit meets with Kevin Keating, a man briefly famous for his posters that advocate vandalism of almost everything aiming to
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Unformatted text preview: drive the rich out of the neighborhood. As she described Keating “Keating got great international coverage and was actually arrested, had his house searched, and a lot of his property was actually confiscated” (128). Keating is actually going through his struggle by insisting he’s not a yuppie. As I can see from Keating is that during that time, people are lost in the definition of when convenience and luxury becomes too much, and when selling out is based on participating as a consumer. The line between harmless and harmful existence within a changing urban center become extremely vague. As we going through the transformation of San Francisco, we can see that now it is the most dramatically affected among the many urban centers by its new forms and distribution of wealth....
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