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Zhenting Cheng Reading Reflection of Fortress L.A. In “Fortress L.A.” Mike Davis described “The universal and ineluctable consequence of this crusade to secure the city is the destruction of accessible public space.” (226) One of the form of destruction of accessible public space is the use of architectural ramparts, sophisticated security system, private security and police to achieve a recolonization of urban areas via walled enclaves with controlled access. Since Los Angeles‟s new postmodern Downtown was too accessible by public transport and heavily used by Black and Mexican poor, a huge redevelopment project of corporate offices, hotel and shopping malls was in the works to prevent any articulation with the non-Anglo urbanity of its future. The fortification of affluent satellite cities is a form of segregation of people from different class of the society and even race. It reinforces a loss of public-spiritedness and polarization of the rich and the poor. This kind of polarization will lead to severe social turbulence while the conditions of the
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