RR Barraclough on South Central LA

RR Barraclough on - benefits of substantial open space increased property values and the reproduction of racialized wealth for future generations

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Zhenting Cheng Reading Reflection on Barraclough on South Central LA Barraclough developed a model of relational racialization based on the recent relational turn ion geography. From the case of the individual struggles of the South Central Farmers and the Shadow Hills homeowners, we can see the racism functions through the legal and discursive production of linked, interdependent, and unequal places. As Barraclough analyzes that “the racialization of space achieves its own momentum, setting the geographic framework within which activists struggle to maintain or improve their social status and quality of life.” The unequal of social status, education level, income between the white and the non-white leads to mainly unequal claims of property rights and unequal claims to heritage. As the white community has the power to control the policies, they have the privilege of land usage, which can expect to reap the multiple
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Unformatted text preview: benefits of substantial open space, increased property values, and the reproduction of racialized wealth for future generations. However, as the “supreme” race, the white deny the racial, economic, and geographic interdependency, in order to keep benefit from the systems of relational racialization and privileging. In a long term, we can definitely see the dramatic and increasing gaps between rich and poor, white and non-white, citizen and immigrant in contemporary Los Angeles. This inequality will also intensify the social contradiction and cut down the pace of economic development. Racism is one of the forms of social degeneration. In order to have a mutual benefit relation between difference, all kinds of policies should be establish based on the equal opportunity of reproduction of wealth for future generations....
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