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H02-GeneralInformation - CS106B J Zelenski Handout#2 Jan 9...

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CS106B Handout #2 J Zelenski Jan 9, 2008 CS106B — Course Information Welcome! On behalf of the entire staff, I'd like to welcome to you to CS106B! We're glad to see you enjoyed CS106A and you're inspired to go on further. Moving from Java to C++ is a fun and worthwhile challenge and the material in the second course is even more awesome than the first and I'm excited to share these things with you. Building on the background from your first course, you will become acquainted with the C++ programming language, learn more advanced programming techniques, explore classic data structures and algorithms, and apply these tools to solving complex problems. The assignments do get more intense as we move onward, but we have our excellent section leaders and lots of helper hours in the LaIR to keep you moving forward. I hope you will find the time worth your investment and that you enjoy your growing mastery of the art of programming! Lecturer: Julie Zelenski Lectures: MWF 2:15-3:05 pm Skilling Aud Pre-reqs: The prerequisite for CS106B is solid performance in CS106A and readiness to move on to advanced programming topics. A comparable introductory programming course (including high school AP courses) is often a reasonable substitute for our CS106A. Feel free to talk with me if you're unsure if your background will be sufficient to enable you to succeed in CS106B. Sections: In addition to lecture, you’ll also attend a weekly discussion section. The person leading your section will grade your assignments and work closely with you throughout the quarter. I consider our excellent section leaders to be one of the best features of CS106 and I hope you agree! You must sign up for section by visiting anytime from Thursday, Jan 10 5:00 P . M . through Sunday, Jan 13 5:00 P . M .
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– 2 – to enter your section preferences. Don't miss the signups! If you miss signing up, the limited selection for late adds may make it impossible for you to enroll. SCPD students have the option of being assigned to the televised section or attending a regular section on-campus. Optional lab: CS106B is a course in programming abstractions and although we use C++, there is much more to the language that fits with our pedagogical goals. CS106L is a 1-unit S/NC lab designed to accompany CS106B/X and provide additional coverage of advanced features of the C++ language and standard libraries. It meets MW 4:15-5:05pm in Hewlett 103 . The lab is optional and you are welcome to attend even if you don't choose to enroll for credit.
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