H15S-SectionSolutions2 - CS106B Handout#15S Winter 07-08...

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Unformatted text preview: CS106B Handout #15S Winter 07-08 January 23, 2008 Section Solutions #2 Problem 1: Vectors a) Vector<eMailMsg> mailVector; b) void RemoveSpam(Vector<eMailMsg> & v) { for (int i = v.size() - 1; i >= 0; i--) { eMailMsg mail = v[i]; if (mail.subject.find("SPAM") == 0) { v.removeAt(i); } } } Note that you could work forwards instead of backwards (i.e., loop from 0 to size - 1 instead of the other way around). However, if you did you’d have to make sure to decrement i whenever you removed a message since otherwise you’d skip an index. c) We use another Vector, of course! struct eMailMsg { Vector<string> to; string from; string message; string subject; int date; int time; }; Access to the last element of eMailMsg email would be done by: string lastAddress = email.to[email.to.size() – 1]; Problem 2: Queues /** * The client version of reverse queue. In order * to change the order of elements in the queue, * we use an external stack */ void ReverseQueue(Queue<int> & queue) { Stack<int> stack; while (!queue.isEmpty()) { stack.push(queue.dequeue()); } while (!stack.isEmpty()) { queue.enqueue(stack.pop()); } } Problem 3: Using the Scanner and Stack classes #include "stack.h" #include "scanner.h" bool ProcessOpenTag(Scanner& scanner, Stack<string>& tagStack) { string tag = scanner.nextToken(); tagStack.push(tag); return true; } bool ProcessCloseTag(Scanner& scanner, Stack<string>& tagStack)...
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H15S-SectionSolutions2 - CS106B Handout#15S Winter 07-08...

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