H36-FinalPractice - CS106B J Zelenski Handout #36 Mar 10,...

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CS106B Handout #36 J Zelenski Mar 10, 2008 Final Practice Final exam: Friday March 21 12:15-3:15pm Location TBD (but definitely not Terman ) This is the university-scheduled time for our exam and we are looking forward to seeing all your smiling faces. If you are one of the few students who approached us at the start of the quarter about an unavoidable conflict, please follow up with head TA Jason about the alternate exam Thursday 12:15pm. There will be absolutely no other alternates. SCPD students : Local SCPD students are asked to attend the regular on-campus exam. This ensures you will be able to ask questions and receive any clarifications that might come up during the exam. Folks outside the Bay Area will take the exam at your local site on Friday. Your SCPD site coordinator will administer the exam. Please send e-mail to Jason to initiate the arrangements. Coverage The final is comprehensive and covers material from the entire quarter, but will tend to focus on the topics covered after the midterm. This means you should come prepared for nitty-gritty implementation-side work (pointers, linked lists, trees, graphs, templates, and so on). It will be a 3-hour exam. It will be open book /open note, but no electronics. This handout is intended to give you practice solving problems that are comparable to those which will appear on the exam. These problems were chosen from recent exams as fairly representative in terms of format, content, and difficulty. We highly recommend working through the problems in test-like conditions to prepare for the actual exam. To encourage this, we won't even give out the solutions until next class. Many of our section problems have been taken from previous exams and chapter exercises from the reader often make appearances in same or similar forms on exams, so both of those resources are a valuable source of study material as well. Be sure to bring the reader with you to the exam. We won't repeat the standard class definitions on the exam, so the reader appendix will come in handy for looking up the library interfaces. (FYI: All the space usually left for answers was removed in order to conserve trees).
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Page 2 of 6 Problem 1: Templates and callback functions a) Write the generic function KeysForMaxValue that searches for the maximum value in a map and returns the associated key(s). The function is given a map and a callback function to compare values and returns a vector containing one or more keys that are paired with the largest value in the map. The comparison callback function has the standard form: it takes two arguments and returns a negative result if the first is less than the second, zero if the two are equal, and positive otherwise. If the client doesn't provide a comparison function, a default one that applies the built-in relational operators should be used. This function should be written as a template and should work for maps storing any type of values. You may assume that the map has at least one entry. As an example, suppose that you have initialized the map
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H36-FinalPractice - CS106B J Zelenski Handout #36 Mar 10,...

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