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Spring 2011 - Homework One - company currently has product...

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Homework One Course Introductions and Decision-Making Instructions:   Submit the file through CourseWeb with your name and student ID as the document title (ie.   Joe_Bruin_1020203.doc or Joe_Bruin_1020203.pdf). You must follow this convention to receive full credit.   Please show all work wherever applicable.  [1]  CLASS SURVEY Please go to:  http://goo.gl/gTrZA The results of the survey form will be posted to the class.  [2]  9-Step Decision Making Process Suppose you're in management at a fairly large biotechnology firm, and your research and development group  stumbled  upon a potentially game-changing technology. The research and development group has initial data suggesting a fairly good  likelihood of success, but a great deal of work needs to be done if the breakthrough wishes to be commercialized. Your 
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Unformatted text preview: company currently has product lines that are doing well in comparison with the rest of industry (slightly above average). Should a large amount of company resources be poured into developing the technology? Or should you devote your energy to different endeavors, like better marketing and improving your current products' manufacturing processes? Apply your 9-step decision making process to the company situation. Write at least one sentence for each category in the 9-step decision making process. For the assemble relevant sources section, give at least 2 sources where you can find relevant information that will help you make your decision....
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