Spring 2011 - Homework Three

Spring 2011 - Homework Three - HOMEWORKTHREE Instructions:...

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HOMEWORK THREE Instructions: Submit the file through CourseWeb with your name and student ID as the document title (ie. Joe_Bruin_1020203.xls). You must follow this convention to receive full credit. Please show all work wherever applicable. of the system. Suppose that there's two ways we can get it manufactured: Cheap Manufacturer $1500   each,   but   there's   a   15%   chance   that   the  manufacturers will mess up and we won't make any  money at all. Premium Manufacturer Full price of $2000 each, and only a 3% chance of that  the manufactures will mess up and we won't make any  money at all.  Then we have a series of possible economic scenarios. There is a good economy (40%  chance), where we sell 1,500 robots. There's a fair economy (30% chance), where we sell 800 robots. There's a bad economy 
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