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4. DISCUSSION The flow diagram describes the design process involved in the design process. The client’s problem statement was: McMaster University Student Center, MUSC has very high energy costs. The main objective of the project is to make the building more energy efficient. Other objectives are to come up with a low cost project, installing low maintenance, durable technologies. The technologies installed should also be environmentally friendly. The technologies used should also be safe. The main constraints for the objectives are: a minimum life-span of 8000hrs for LED lights, piezoelectric mats that can safely handle a load of 8 people or more. The equipment should not
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Unformatted text preview: need to be maintained more than two times a year. The technologies to be installed are: revolving doors that generate electricity, piezoelectric mats, and LED lights. The research carried out established that these technologies would save a substantial amount of energy. Test sites have been chosen for the retrofitting of the technologies, so as to test the success of the technologies in meeting the objectives. The procedures used in carrying out the project have been documented sufficiently....
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