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1 Swope Sarah Swope Professor Yulia February 28, 2011 English 150 Author’s Note The essay about my faith was difficult to write, but it was also enjoyable and refreshing. I am glad I was forced to remember all the joys and sorrows of living out my faith throughout my life, and writing about all the good things God has done in my life made me start really focusing on him again. Starting the essay was somewhat difficult because the topic of my faith is something that consumes my life. I was worried that I would have too much to write about and a limited amount of time and length to write about it. I devoted a few hours to writing the majority of the paper, and once I started writing, it was easy. I was enveloped and the paper was all I could think about for the rest
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Unformatted text preview: of the night, but when I was done writing, I took a break and lost interest in writing the rest. Like I said, it was overwhelming to write about something so important to me so I decided to forget about it for a while. After the peer review, I started the rest of my paper and finished it easily. It is relaxing and enjoyable to write down all my experiences and to simply reminisce about the past. God is so good to me and this paper was a nice reminder of his amazing love. Although I know I could write for days about all the amazing things God has done in my life in great detail, I am happy with the information in my paper and I feel it is enough for people to understand why my faith is so important to me....
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