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I thought this would be a breeze, writing about something so dear to my heart, but when I think about my faith, my heart pounds, my head spins, and my body shakes. I am overwhelmed by God’s love, and I did not realize how much of my life is consumed with God. I am not a perfect person. In fact, in church today, Father talked about the 10 commandments and I realized that there is more to them than just the surface laws. He gave us such difficult yet simple commandments because he wants us to desire for him
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Unformatted text preview: and want to love him completely. Steubenville is a camp I went to starting the summer after my sophomore year. Every memory I have of Steubenville fills my heart with joy so large and enveloping my eyes fill with tears. It gave me strength in my faith like I cannot explain. The praise music from the camp changed my life. Now every time I am in despair, my prayer is listening to the music I acquired there....
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