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1 Swope Sarah Swope Professor Yulia Levchenko February 28, 2011 English 150 The Truth They look at me and wonder why I smile so much, but its no mystery to those who know me well. In recent years, I have developed a strong relationship with the One who created us all. He holds me together when I feel like I am going to break, He lets me see that there is more to life than desires of this world, and He keeps showing me that my life has a purpose. God is my strength and my refuge. He will always be a part of who I am, and the start of feeling the way I do today comes from my childhood experiences with Him. I was living in Colorado Springs when I first thought seriously about God being someone who I could have a relationship with. In third grade, my family moved from Hawaii to Colorado, and I had never had a solid foundation or a permanent home because I was a military child. Along with moving homes every few years came losing friends, and it did not affect me much in the beginning because I did not feel the need to have a “best friend”. When we moved from Hawaii, however, I met a friend in Colorado who would change me for the better and would never be forgotten. Her name is Leanne and she came from a family with eight homeschooled children. Her parents had a dedicated loving faith and chose to teach their way of living to their children so when I met Leanne I could sense a difference about her. She was calm, soothing to be around, joyful, and full
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2 of love. We talked about things I had never even thought about before; mainly God and what he meant to us. I had this longing to be like Leanne because she did things I wanted to do like sing at church, had relationships I wanted to experience, and showed love like I wanted to show. She was my first example of God’s love for me so when we moved you may understand why I was devastated, but God knew this was for the best, and He blessed me with many more amazing role models. Leanne and I lost touch when I moved to Nebraska, although every time she wrote me a letter, I would cry for days thinking of how joyful I was being her friend. But in the end, I let go of my friend, and for a few years I thought I was happy. I was wrong. Looking back, over the period of those three years, I developed depression that to this
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english wp1 - 1 Swope Sarah Swope Professor Yulia Levchenko...

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