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Sarah Swope Professor Yulia Levchenko English 150 22 February 2011 Peer Response I received many good pointers for my writing project. The responses were very helpful, such as the pointer to write more details. Many of the critiques will be ones I use to make my essay better and more easily understood. I agreed with most of the comments people made, but there were a few things I will leave the same that someone wanted me to change such as the first sentence. It gave me confidence in my writing when I read that my paper was easily understandable and well thought through. I enjoyed writing this paper and hoped people would enjoy reading it so the comments made me feel good. I hope to be able to write more or less to entertain my audience and keep them interested in
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Unformatted text preview: what I have written. So far, according to the responses, I am keeping interest pretty well. I have not finished my essay, and knowing what everyone wants to hear more about helped me decide how I will end my essay. It will take a little work but I am excited to write the rest of it. One peer response pointed out confusion in part of the paper, so I am glad to know that I should clear that up before turning in the final draft. I will write more detail about what the Eucharist is according to the Catholic faith. I will also make it less confusing about where I lived and when I started thinking about my faith. I think peer responses are very helpful and I am glad to know that I am getting good critiques on my paper....
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