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Sarah Swope Yulia Levchenko English 150 March 9, 2011 Reading Response 4 I do not appreciate nor enjoy reading Gertrude Stein’s writing. This essay was confusing beyond my explanation, and she seemed to repeat herself un-necessarily. Some of the things she says, I would appreciate if she said them more clearly. For instance, she says that identity is recognition, and to a point I agree with her, but I wish she would explain herself differently. She has a way of saying things that leaves me very confused and unwilling to read more. The second essay was much more interesting for me. Women and Honor: Some Notes on Lying , was although broken up into shorter reads, easy to read. I could relate to
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Unformatted text preview: a lot of the notes so I enjoyed reading the text. Thematically, it stayed on track well, never falling away from points about lying. Stylistically, the text was different than I expected. It was not in paragraph form, but more a grouping of quotes or thoughts on different kinds of lying. I appreciated the style of this essay because it was something different but interesting and not hard to follow. Although I try not to lie, I do have to agree that I could relate to this reading quite well. Many of the statements said seemed to be written just for me. This was definitely an essay that I enjoyed....
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