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wp2 author's note

wp2 author's note - the workshops were time consuming but...

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Sarah Swope English 150 Yulia Levchenko April 28, 2011 Author’s Note This writing project was something I was looking forward to since the beginning of the semester. I have always been passionate about the wrongness of vulgarity in media and was excited to do some research on the topic. Vulgarity is so hard to pinpoint, but I would say it is anything that pleasures someone with out benefitting them at all. It is sinful in my opinion and it was nice to be able to express that in my essay. I found that
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Unformatted text preview: the workshops were time consuming but worth it. Once I got my responses back, it was easier to finish the essay and develop it better. Although I wish there was a way to somehow make the process of the workshops shorter, they were very helpful to my writing. I am thankful for being able to have written this essay, and I hope to take many more English courses like this one....
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