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Class00 - Chemistry 83 Chemistry 83 Chemistry Technology...

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Chemistry 83 Class00 1 Chemistry 83 Chemistry, Technology, and Society: A chemo-centric history of the universe from the “Big Bang” to the present Technology Technology - manipulation of matter and energy by humans to better satisfy their needs and wants – Matter is anything that occupies space and has mass – Energy is anything capable of causing motion of matter – Needs refer to the minimum requirements for sustaining life (food, water, clothing, shelter) – Wants refer to improvements in the quality and/or quantity of life (medicine, computers, transportation, etc.) Technologies use knowledge to convert natural resources into useful products
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Chemistry 83 Class00 2 Science developed in 17th century Science - knowledge gained by making, organizing, and explaining observations of matter and energy Modern science started with shift from rationalism (logic based only on reasoning) to empiricism (logic based on reasoning and reproducible observations)
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