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Grade Inflation_Scientific Literacy - Grade...

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6/3/11 2:52 PM Grade Inflation/Scientific Literacy Page 1 of 2 (subscription only). Grade inflation and scientific literacy Henry, and Matthew Hartley, “Evaluation and the Academy: Are We Doing the Right Thing? Grade Inflation and http:/ Evaluation_and_the_Academy.pdf). In 1966, 22% of Harvard undergraduate course grades given were As, but that percentage had nearly doubled to 46% in 1996, in which year 82% of Harvard seniors graduated with honors. And the problem is not restricted to elite institutions that, arguably, might have become more elite. The report quotes data from Arthur Levine and Jeanette S. Cureton, who, in a survey of almost 5,000 undergraduates in various types of undergraduate colleges, found that the percentage of course grades of A– and higher had grown from 7% in 1967 to 26% in 1993. During the same period, the percentage of grades of C
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Grade Inflation_Scientific Literacy - Grade...

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