allegory in the story effected overal theme

allegory in the story effected overal theme - by his...

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Tim Hoskins 5/12/2009 YGB Allegory In the story Young Goodman Brown , the author Nathaniel Hawthorne uses many allegories, and other symbols, to stress the story’s theme. Goodman Brown takes a journey of faith and explores a very symbolical topic in religion. The strong theme expressed throughout the story is the realization that evil can infect the good. Some of the names in the story stand for deeper meanings. The main character’s name, Goodman Brown, symbolizes a regular good man. He represents what is normal in everyday society. His wife is named Faith to signify Goodman’s faith in the Christian religion. She is always illustrated wearing a pink ribbon, which because of the soft color can represent innocence and purity. Hawthorne gives a puritan background to get across some important points. An example would be that the forest represents dark and evil. Goodman Brown starts his quest with a strange traveler who moves very fast and is led
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Unformatted text preview: by his serpent shaped walking cane. The traveler is satin because he is the one leading Goodman into the forest of evil. Goodman was forced to question many honored people he knew from his community in Salem. Goody Cloyse was someone Goodman Brown had looked up to throughout his life because she was his catechism teacher at a young age. She was a very strict woman of faith and was someone Goodman thought could never be tested against religion. Also because her name was Goody it symbolized goodness. The minister and Deacon Gookin are also key symbols because they are whom Goodman Brown looks to for spiritual direction. Goodman in the end wakes up from the awful dream, and is in shock. Because the nightmare was so extreme, Goodman is permanently scarred and can only isolate himself from the terrifying things he discovered on his journey. It was a life-changing event....
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