Assign12 - PHY 53 Summer 2010 1 The king ordered a crown of...

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1. The king ordered a crown of solid pure gold, but what he got didn’t feel right, so he asked Archimedes to verify that it was really solid and all gold. Archimedes realized he needed a way to measure the density of the crown, but he couldn’t damage it. There are various stories about what he did. The most likely is this. He balanced the crown with an equal weight of pure gold as shown. Then he lowered the whole system slowly into water and watched to see if the items were still balanced. How did this allow him to make a determination of whether the king had been cheated? [He had been.] 2. Questions about hydrostatics. a. The teapot effect. It is well known that if you pour a liquid too slowly from a spout it will double back under the spout and may miss the container you are pouring into. In the drawing Fuid comes slowly out of the opening and runs back underneath the pipe. Adhesion makes it turn the corner, but what holds it against the bottom of the pipe for such a distance? [Consider the pressure at the top and bottom of the stream at point A .] b. ±our u-tubes are partially ²lled with two different Fuids as shown. The tops of the columns of Fuid are open to the air. One case shown is impossible. Identify it, and for the others state whether the red Fuid is more dense, less dense, or equally dense. Give your reasons. c. The giraffe’s head is 2 m above its heart, which is 2 m above the ground. Discuss and explain two things about this animal: (a) The skin around its lower legs is very tight and thick; (b) When it drinks from a source at ground level it slowly spreads it legs before lowering its head. crown
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Assign12 - PHY 53 Summer 2010 1 The king ordered a crown of...

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