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Q7S - A and released from rest The next time it is at that...

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Quiz 7 Solutions Check the best answer. 1. A cylindrical block of wood floats as shown in a container of water. The block has uniform density 60% that of water. Which of these is wrong? Check T or F depending on whether the statement is true or false. 2. The pressure in a stream emerging from a nozzle is greater than that emerging from the hose without the nozzle. T F [Both are air pressure.] Physics 53 Summer 2010 1 The block floats with 60% of its volume under water. If it is pushed down and released, it will execute simple harmonic motion vertically. If the system is in an elevator accelerating upward the block will sink lower in the water. [No change.] The buoyant force on the block is equal to its weight.
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3. A block of mass m is attached to a spring of stiffness k as shown. It slides on a frictionless table. It is pushed to the left, compressing the spring through distance
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Unformatted text preview: A and released from rest. The next time it is at that location, momentarily at rest, an identical block is gently placed at rest on top of it. There is static friction between the blocks, with coefFcient μ s . a. Which of these quantities is changed by the addition of the new block (assuming s is large enough to keep the blocks together)? Amplitude, angular frequency, total energy. b. Give the old and new values of the one(s) that changed. c. How large must s be for the blocks to stay together? a. Angular frequency (only). b. ω = k / m , = k /2 m . c. The maximum acceleration of the spring system is 2 A . The maximum that friction can provide the upper block is s g , so we must have s ≥ 2 A / g . Physics 53 Summer 2010 2...
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Q7S - A and released from rest The next time it is at that...

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