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su10EIS - Physics 53 Summer 2010 Exam I Solutions Part A...

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Exam I Solutions Part A. Multiple choice questions. Check the best answer. Each question carries a value of 4 points. 1. Two projectiles are launched simultaneously with the same speed from the same spot on the ground, one at 30° elevation and the other at 60°. They will rise to the same height. They will reach their maximum height at the same time. They will return to the ground at the same distance. They will return to the ground at the same time. 2. A car rounds a curve of radius R at constant speed v but radial acceleration a . Which of these is wrong? a = v 2 / R . The occupants of the car feel a component of their weight toward the center of the curve. [Away from the center.] The weight of an occupant of mass m is m g 2 + a 2 . No work is being done on the car. Physics 53 Summer 2010 1
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3. Which of these statements about work, energy and power is true? Work done by non-conservative forces always decreases the total energy. The potential energy of a mass-spring system is positive if the spring is compressed but negative if it is stretched. If two objects acted on by the same force follow the same path, the power input by the force is the same for both. If an object moves in a closed path the work done by gravity is zero. 4. A particle is subject to a single conservative force F ( x ) for which the potential energy is U ( x ) . The total energy is E . Which of the following is NOT true? The particle cannot be found at a point x for which E < U ( x ) . At a point where dU / dx > 0 the force F ( x ) > 0 . [ F ( x ) = dU / dx .] At points where E = U ( x ) the particle is at least momentarily at rest. A point where U ( x ) has a minimum is a point of stable equilibrium.
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