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Q9S - Physics 54 Summer 2011 Quiz 9 Name Check the best...

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Quiz 9 Name Check the best answer. 1. Which of the following statements about optical instruments is wrong? The objective lens of an astronomical telescope forms a reduced image of the object, while that of a compound microscope forms an enlarged image. Since the objective lens forms a real inverted image, it is not possible to construct a two-lens telescope that produces a final erect image. The useful magnification of a simple magnifying glass is limited by spherical aberration. Most of the focusing of incident light from air onto the eye occurs at the air-cornea interface. Check T or F depending on whether the statement is true or false. 2. When one views an object through a microscope or binoculars one is viewing a virtual image of a real image formed by the objective lens. T F Physics 54 Summer 2011 1
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3. In the situation shown the dots are 5 cm apart. The lens has focal length +10 cm and the mirror has focal length –10 cm.
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