su11EIS - Exam I Solutions Part A Multiple choice questions...

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Unformatted text preview: Exam I Solutions Part A: Multiple choice questions. Check the best answer. Each question carries a value of 4 points. 1. Concerning the electrostatic feld, which oF the Following is NOT true? ¡ield lines do not Form closed curves. ¡ield lines start on positive charges and end on negative charges. √ The potential energy oF a system changes sign iF all positive charges are changed to negative, and vice versa. [This would amount to changing the choice ¡ranklin made, nothing more.] Any non-zero E-feld at the surFace oF a conductor must be perpendicular to the surFace. 2. A conductor has the shape shown, and is given a net positive charge. The charge density is: UniForm throughout the volume. UniForm over the surFace only. √ On the surFace only, with greatest density around point a . On the surFace only, with smallest density around point b . [It is even smaller on the ¢at part oF the surFace.] a b Physics 54 Summer 2011 1 3. An isolated solid non-conducting sphere carries positive charge Q distributed uniformly through its volume. Taking potential to vanish at inFnite distance, V at points within the sphere: Is the same everywhere. √ Is highest at the center. Is highest at the surface. Varies inversely with radial distance from the center. 4. Identical capacitors A and B are fully charged by the same battery. Capacitor A is disconnected from the battery while capacitor B remains connected to it. Identical dielectric slabs are inserted between the plates of the capacitors. The Fnal capacitance of A is greater than that of B. [Same] The Fnal charge is the same for both capacitors. {Greater for B] √ The Fnal stored energy is greater for B. The work done by the person who inserts the slab into B is positive....
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su11EIS - Exam I Solutions Part A Multiple choice questions...

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