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Philosophy TP step 1

Philosophy TP step 1 - • The use or trying marijuana will...

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Linda Martinez Step 1: Choosing an Issue What should be done about Marijuana? Be legalized To help the seriously ill- help chronic pain, relieve nausea, reduce muscle spasms, and increase appetite. Diseases like epilepsy and glaucoma Voters in states like Alaska, Arizona, Maine, and Washington see how marijuana can be used medically The use of medical marijuana must be supervised and approved by a physician. This allows them to either grow or possess marijuana legally. Marijuana use has decreased over time. There is no youth crisis with marijuana
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Unformatted text preview: • The use or trying marijuana will not lead to the use of other drugs such as cocaine • Economy will be better off • Marijuana is one of the huge cash crops • This money could bring in millions a year to our revenue • Not an addictive drug, one of the least toxic drugs • Not overdose on this drug compared to alcohol • Does not cause any type of cancers unlike alcohol which cause liver cancer • It’s a global issue that hits each individual state or country differently....
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