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Linda Martinez Philosophy TPP 6 I think that the author did a descent of persuading the reader into thinking that marijuana should be legalized. He made only one main point, which is just a few medical uses for marijuana. a) Mitigate chemotherapy-related side effects in cancer and AIDS patients b) Reduce ocular pressure, thus helping prevent glaucoma-related blindness c) Control muscle spasms suffered by those with multiple sclerosis. d) Chemotherapy patients, it will increase appetite and reduce nausea The author states that if a drug, such as cocaine, has benefits that outweigh the harms then
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Unformatted text preview: marijuana should be legalized for the same reason. When he compares it to being safer than aspirin, I think she loses the reader because I couldn’t believe it when I read it so that makes me think what person would believe this. The author thinks that the patients that need the drug will not lend it out to people who do not need the drug. He is trusting in the people way too much, in my opinion. Not all people we meet in this world we can trust because most people in the world are selfish. So then it would become even easier to obtain this drug....
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