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Philosophy TPP 8a

Philosophy TPP 8a - price and catering to teens C Bigger...

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Linda Martinez Philosophy TPP 8 Topic: Prohibition on drugs A. Making drugs an unattractive choice Dealing drugs leads to murder or prison. So by keeping it legal, we maintain the criminal sanctions that persuade most people that the good life cannot be reached dealing drugs. Earning huge sums of money is rare and that a steady worker at McDonalds can make more money than many drug dealers. B. Street crime and violence will not disappear if legalized The cost of not enforcing laws against illegal drug will lead to more drug related accidents, bigger lose in work productivity, more drop outs, premature infants. The end result will be that the costs of treatment, social welfare, and insurance will rise. Legalization advocates think that street crime will disappear with the repeal of drug laws, but it has been researched that drug criminals were into crime before they got into drugs. They would continue to rob, steal, and do drug trafficking, by undercutting the legalized
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Unformatted text preview: price and catering to teens. C. Bigger criminal justice system is called for An example that drug treatment and education needs the support of law enforcement to make a change against illegal drugs. A teenage boy who is now in his fourth treatment program is released to go home. Every time he had finished a round of treatment, he found himself back on the streets, surrounded by cheap dope and tough hustlers. He was tempted, pressured, and he gave in. So as long as drugs are found on street corners, no amount of treatment, no amount of education can stand against them. D. Drugs hurt others Drug addiction destroys human character, dignity, autonomy; it burns away the sense of responsibility, and ruins productivity. So people who say drug users only hurt themselves are wrong because they hurt parents, destroy families, ruin friendships....
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