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Linda Martinez Philosophy Step 10 and 11 Drugs should stay illegal; this is the best approach for the drug war. The action I would take to support my issue would be to join a drug free alliance in my school or community. In this club, I can educate others about the negative effects of drugs and our state drug policy. Advise them into a rehabilitation practice if they are addicted or seem to have problems with dealing with drugs. Also can provide helpful information about rehab places or point them in the right direction of what rehabilitation center to go to for the best help. In my research the best way to avoid the use of future drug use would be to educate the children. The children are our future so they will be deciding how the future will look and how things will be
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Unformatted text preview: run. Children are young and naïve so letting them know that drugs will lead to a bad future, such as bad health and poor fortune, will influence them into avoiding drugs. After researching on drugs and if they should be decriminalized or remain criminalized, I realized that to avoid the most harm would be to keep it illegal. In high school I was in CYADA, a club against drugs and when I began this research I decided to keep an open mind. I kept an open mind but I still decided on keeping it illegal because of the harm it will cause if it is legalized. So now I have begun my search for a club in our school that is against drugs, and I have had no luck, but I plan to find a club that is against drugs in our community....
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