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philosophy tpp step 2 - 385 of 1000 DOCUMENTS USA TODAY...

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385 of 1000 DOCUMENTS USA TODAY January 11, 1994, Tuesday, FINAL EDITION Lift the ban on using marijuana for medicine SECTION: NEWS; Pg. 8A Alcohol poses a greater public danger. Tobacco is more deadly. Yet marijuana, with medical benefits beyond rational dispute, is the substance we outlaw. So let's hear it: Three big cheers for the Public Health Service, which has announced a review of the government's ban on the medicinal use of marijuana. Regardless of what an uncompromising minority may claim, marijuana has indisputable medical value. Many case studies, as well as research conducted under the auspices of the Food and Drug Administration, show that it can: Mitigate chemotherapy-related side effects in cancer and AIDS patients. Reduce ocular pressure, thus helping prevent glaucoma-related blindness. Control muscle spasms suffered by those with multiple sclerosis. Especially for chemotherapy patients, marijuana offers great value. Increased appetite and reduced nausea can help them persevere against great discomfort. Marijuana is not a perfect drug - side effects can include respiratory problems. But what drug is perfect? Marijuana is safer than many of those used to fight cancer. By some measures, it is even safer than aspirin. Certainly, it is less dangerous than cocaine, which can be prescribed.
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philosophy tpp step 2 - 385 of 1000 DOCUMENTS USA TODAY...

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