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Christianity Outline - Christianity Outline Background...

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Christianity Outline Background Judaism Becomes more formally organized with laws and spreads to all classes Spread to the people who needed hope in their lives Distinctions in the early church Clergy (Class stats) Archbishops Bishops Priests Laity- not priest Early Sacraments Baptism Communion Reasons to become Christian Charity Church support widows, elder, sick, orphans, poor Peer Pressure Within family; children have to follow mother Respond to fear of Hell Problems did not worship other gods and emperor and cause community to suffer begin Persecutions to Christians, Who: Claudius in 41 and 49 Expelled Jews and Christians Nero in 64 Used Christians as a scapegoat Trajan introduces the first “ Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy Christianity State Religion Constantine first emperor to be baptized and on death bed Christianity and Paganism cannot coexist Pagan cults banned Justinian ordered all pagans to receive instruction (baptized or death) Changes by Christianity Adultery changed to sex outside of marriage Divorce unacceptable and cannot remarry if other spouse is alive
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Christianity Outline - Christianity Outline Background...

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