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JGEN 210 Blockbuster routine complaint

JGEN 210 Blockbuster routine complaint - One can manage...

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Blockbuster Corporate Office 1201 Elm St. Dallas, Texas 75270 Linda Martinez Director of Human Resources October 4, 2011 Staff Blockbuster L.L.C Corporate 3000 N. Redbud Blvd. McKinney, TX 75069 Dear Ladies and Gentlemen: Subject: Downsizing Thank you for your letter about the downsizing situation. As a result of the last downsizing, every department in the company is running shorthanded. Our company believes the downsizing was to an excessive workforce. In the course of high growth, our company hired and excess staff, to meet the demands of the growing business. However, in a time of a recession the business opportunities decreased, which lead to the downsizing of the excess staff that was hired. We understand that through downsizing many of you have felt angered because of the increase in the workload.
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Unformatted text preview: One can manage their workload by adjusting to the new work practices and learning new skills. The new skills one learns can help him/her become a better manager of time, organizer, advisor, or leader. Because of the downsizing many of you felt stressed and burnt out due to the increase in workload. But one should take this experience as a time for personal growth. Downsizing is not a threat; it is a time to cooperate with the top management team. A way to cooperate is by working harder or working more hours to help the company through the transition. Keeping a hopeful and positive attitude in ones work will be seen by the top management team. By working harder and smarter one can move up in the company ladder. Cordially, Linda Martinez Director of Human Resources...
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