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Comm286 critique recording - Linda Martinez Comm286...

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Linda Martinez Comm286 Critique paper PART I. The article I will be summarizing is Technology Among Students . Basically it says, it says that college presidents understand or they notice that online courses have the same value as classes taken in a lecture hall, but the public do not see…that…the same value. They think that …online courses have a lesser value than lecture halls. And also that online courses are becoming more available to college students. Mainly in public schools, there is a higher percentage for the public schools to offer them then private schools. And that also that computers are becoming more acceptable to use in classrooms. It stated that over 50% of recent grads admit to using a laptop in class. And…in conclusion college presidents understand the usefulness of technology for school. And over 80% say they use a smart phone daily.
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PART II. Disfluencies are an interruption in the smooth flow of a speech. For example, “Are you going to umm eat right now?” A disfluency that appears in my speech is the repetition of words or phrases. For example, “Basically it says, it says.” This sounds unprofessional and unclear because it sounds as if I am stuttering. I tend to do this because I lose tract on what I am saying. If I do not concentrate on what I am saying I will either go off on a tangent or I will pause and repeat what I previously said. In my recording I tend to use the word, “that” too much. I use it more as a filler word for when I am thinking about what to say next. Also, I will elongate the last letter in a word to fill in space instead of having an awkward silence. Throughout the speech I seem to have a slow to normal pace of tempo but towards the end of my speech, I picked it up. I believe I did this because I knew I was toward the end and just wanted to finish it. This is not a good mind sight to have because then I will always do that in a speech and the audience will not understand. If the audience does not understand then their views are different from the presenter and this could determine a success or failure in a company . I need to learn to control my speed . The best way to control it is by practicing the speech before actually presenting it to the audience. Additionally, being
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Comm286 critique recording - Linda Martinez Comm286...

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