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Spanish linguafolio reflection

Spanish linguafolio reflection - It really helped when my...

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Reflection I have really progressed in my Spanish learning this year because of this class has challenged me with the Spanish speaking, reading, and writing. The test for this class challenged my reading and writing skills. The test for each chapter was a huge step up from the Spanish test I took in high school; since it was a new challenge I had to approach it differently by studying more. I would mainly focus on the most difficult parts of the chapters, such as verb conjugations. The only way to learn or study the different types of verb conjugations is to actively conjugate them in examples. I would redo the examples from class, until I got it correct. After I adjusted to the difficult tests, I felt that I did better on these test than I did on my high school test.
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Unformatted text preview: It really helped when my teacher spoke Spanish because it was another challenge to understanding the language. Listening and speaking are the most difficult parts to learning Spanish. Giving short oral presentations has improved my listening and speaking skills because I was under the pressure of my peers to give a speech. I try to listen to every conversation that was presented so that I can learn from my peers, either by their mistakes or mine. I tried to lengthen my conversations from chapter to chapter, because I felt that would better me in my learning by trying to keep a simple conversation going....
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