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Genes, Behaviour and Evolution GENE POOL OF NEXT GENERATION Gene transmission (fitness) BEHAVIOUR Sensory Sensory Input S “The Individual” PHYSIOLOGICAL SYSTEMS -sensory systems -motor systems -hormone systems DEVELOPMENTAL -genetic makeup SYSTEMS -environment -GxE interactions
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Genetics — A Chronology 1866: Gregor Mendel’s pea plant experiments 1882: First observation of chromosomes (W. Fleming) 1883: Francis Galton coins the term “eugenics” 1910: Genes are located on chromosomes (T.H. Morgan) 1918: Synthesis of Mendelian and biometric (quantitative) genetics (R. Fisher) 1926: X-rays can cause mutations (H. Muller) 1932: Publication of Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World 1944: DNA, not protein, carries heredity (Avery et al.) 1950: First prenatal genetic test (Rh-factor; D. Bevis) 1953: DNA is a double helix (Watson & Crick) 1964: Elucidation of the “genetic code” (Yanofsky et al.) 1969: Isolation of the first gene (in bacteria) 1973: Insertion of a gene into a foreign genome (Cohen & Boyer) 1975: Call for guidelines on recombinant-DNA research 1976: Founding of first biotech company (Genentech Inc.) 1977: Discovery of alternative splicing (Roberts & Sharp) 1978: Cloning of human insulin gene 1980: Insertion of a human gene into a foreign genome
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1.%20%20Overview%20Lecture-1 - Genes Behaviour and...

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