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BIOLOGY 215 INTRODUCTION TO ECOLOGY AND EVOLUTION Date Lecture # Lecturer Tentative Topic 02-Sep-10 1 Price Course Intro 06-Sep-10 LABOUR DAY NO CLASSES 07-Sep-10 2 Price Origin of Life 09-Sep-10 3 Price Nature of Early Life 14-Sep-10 4 Price Modern Diversity 1 16-Sep-10 5 Larsson Multicellularity 21-Sep-10 6 Larsson Radiation 23-Sep-10 7 Larsson Modern Diversity 2 27-Sep-10 CONFERENCE 1 WEEK OF SEPT 27-31 ASSIGNMENT 1 PRACTICE 28-Sep-10 8 Schoen Speciation 30-Sep-10 9 Larsson Macroevolution 1 05-Oct-10 10 Larsson Macroevolution 2 07-Oct-10 11 Schoen Microevolution 1 11-Oct-10 THANKSGIVING DAY NO CLASSES 12-Oct-10 12 Schoen Microevolution 2 14-Oct-10 13 Price Niche 18-Oct-10 CONFERENCE 2 WEEK OF OCT 18-22 MIDTERM REVIEW/PREP 19-Oct-10 14 Potvin Population Distribution 21-Oct-10 15 Potvin Island Biogeography
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Unformatted text preview: 26-Oct-10 NO CLASS MIDTERM IN EVENING FROM 1830-2030 28-Oct-10 16 Potvin Population Growth 01-Nov-10 CONFERENCE 3 WEEK OF NOV 1-5 ASSIGNMENT 2 PRACTICE 02-Nov-10 17 Potvin Limits to Population Growth 04-Nov-10 18 Potvin Guest Lecture 1 09-Nov-10 19 Potvin Guest Lecture 2 11-Nov-10 20 Potvin Species Interactions 1 16-Nov-10 21 Potvin Species Interactions 2 18-Nov-10 22 Potvin Succession 23-Nov-10 23 Price Biomes 25-Nov-10 24 Price Productivity 29-Nov-10 CONFERENCE 4 WEEK OF NOV 29-DEC 3 REVIEW FOR FINAL EXAM 30-Nov-10 25 Price Nutrient Cycling 02-Dec-10 26 Price Global Change 03-Dec-10 LAST DAY OF CLASSES 06-Dec-10 EXAM PERIOD BEGINS 21-Dec-10 EXAM PERIOD ENDS...
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