BLS 342 Exam 4 (Final) 5

BLS 342 Exam 4 (Final) 5 - Injunction or injunctive relief...

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Injunction or injunctive relief – what is it? When can it be used? Injunctions : order either forcing a person to do something or prohibiting a person from doing something. Sometimes when a party is suing another for breach of contract, one of the parties is concerned that before the court has had a chance to decide the case. The other party would do something to prohibit the person from getting the relief they need. In this situation, a concerned party may ask for a preliminary injunction to prohibit the other party from taking any action during the course of the lawsuit that would cause irreparable harm to any of the parties to the contract. Ex. Antique car scenario -Injunction: Order forcing person to do something, or prohibiting person from doing something (usually a prohibition against certain action) (When you “enjoin” someone you get an injunction) Injunction  – order forcing person to do something, or prohibiting person from doing  something (usually a prohibition against certain actions) o Ex. Tom’s Barber Shop Bill Buys Tom’s barber shop, then opens up a barber shop right next  door, everyone goes to Bill’s shop rather than Tom’s 
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BLS 342 Exam 4 (Final) 5 - Injunction or injunctive relief...

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