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Criminology Notes - Criminology- 10/18 Social Ecology...

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Criminology- 10/18 Social Ecology Theory: Social relationships deteriorating Social Ecology School o Social and physical deterioration of schools Community deterioration- abandoned building/blocks become havens for crime Concentrated poverty-entire areas being poor; need drives a lot of crimes of acquisition (drug abuse, prostitution, burglary) Underclass areas-traits about underclass (in earlier slides); concentration of people that have no prospects within an area Community fear- you don’t want to live there- you want out; Siege mentality- living in these dangerous areas leads you to a siege mentality of war; Unemployment-high rates of unemployment Concentration effect: As working and middle-class families flee inner-city poverty areas, the most disadvantaged population is consolidated in urban ghettos As poverty grew, those who could afford to leave- left; you’d have to have a good job to pay for a new house and afford the rent, needed a car, etc. As the wealthy people leave, the income values drop, the cost of houses drop, the local school funds drop (low quality of teachers, less money for books, schools deteriorate)- more people flee; left with little pockets of concentrated poverty Collective efficacy: Social control exerted by cohesive communities, based on mutual trust; social control may be informal, institutional, or public Being in control of your own flight When you have collective efficacy, you feel like behavior is contained- you have
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Criminology Notes - Criminology- 10/18 Social Ecology...

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