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english 2600 final study guide - Oleanna(David Mamet): If...

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Oleanna(David Mamet): If you grow up in an atmosphere which is limiting and disgusting as these children have, you don’t know any better, so you don’t know not to be happy the natural human state is to be happy- Butler;People didn’t know what the title meant in the beginning- reviewers tried to come up with explanations for the title;From a folk song that he used to sing at camp- Oleanna was a utopian community founded by a musician;Land was fertile and stony- so utopian people got scammed, because the land wasn’t what it was promised to be and the colony failed;Children not knowing enough to be unhappy with the awful circumstances that they live in because they don’t know any better & failed utopia ;The play takes place in john’s office- little to no stage direction;Characters acting in a situation- that’s all you need to know- Mammoth;utopian values:Line of communication,Understanding between teacher and student,Academic honesty,Safe, engaging learning environment;By him telling her to buy his book- shady ethically, because he can profit from her buying his book;Carol just wants a piece of paper, not to actually get an education; Carol’s motive is to:get her grade changed,make the audience aware that she doesn’t understand and is eager to learn what’s going on; What’s motivating John in the 1 st act?Wants to give her what he didn’t have when he was growing up- the education is flawed, and he just wants to help her understand his point of view on the education system,Wants to buy a house- has a problem with the lawyer and the payment;Carol ultimately wants a degree and wants to go on in the world;John wants to get tenured and buy his house and get on with his own life;They really have the same goals, and have similar things at stake;Carol is afraid that if she flunks this course she’s out of college, and John is facing the issue of what happens if he doesn’t get tenured- he gets fired and doesn’t get his house;Carol said that he shouldn’t get tenured because he made a sexual advance on her and used inappropriate language towards her;From his point of view is he being sexually explicit/crossing lines?- no, he probably tells this story in class;He put his hand on her shoulder trying to reassure her, and when she pulled away that was it, he didn’t do anything else;By giving her an A, he was giving her a chance to still put in the work and do what it takes, but he’d help her understand- innovative method of education-he’s only trying to help her- she reads it as he’s trying to have a relationship with her; it’s seen in court as that;Language functioning in both ways as a way of assuming power;She has a lot of anger towards him- does her arguments have any weight to them?;Why is he frustrated/angry with the educational system?;His childhood story;He heard you’re stupid, you’re going to fail- if people keep telling you that than you do fail;His anger makes him respond negatively and project this onto her- wants to help her to take these strictures between student and
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english 2600 final study guide - Oleanna(David Mamet): If...

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