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ren lit exam study guide - Ren Lit Exam Study Guide Quotes...

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Ren. Lit. Exam Study Guide: Quotes: 1) shakespeare’s sonnet 18- shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? Shakespeare begins the answer to this question by describing how the lover being discussed cannot be compared to a summer’s day because they are “more lovely and more temperate” (sonnet 18, ll 2). Shakespeare then goes into how a summer day is short-lived, yet the lover will live forever through this sonnet and through the eyes of each reader. While a summer’s day sun fades, and nature’s course changes, his lover’s summer shall not fade- always keep it’s brightness and loveliness; as long as men can live and read, his lover will live on through this sonnet, as the readers read. “so long lives this, and this gives life to thee” 2. Sydney is looking for ways to express his love to Stella, and in trying to find the words to say, he explores other poets’ work. Yet the other poets’ work did not speak the words that he felt, therefore he had to find other outlets to turn to. he understands that nature allows for poetry, not studying, meaning that poetry has to flow naturally from within; it’s not something that any book or person can teach you. In the end, however, the muse rightfully calls him a “fool” for not seeing the simple resolution to his problem. All he has to do is “look in thy heart and write,” implying that love shall be his source of inspiration. 3. Sidney’s defense of poesy: “ Nature never set forth the earth in so rich Tapestry as diverse Poets have done, neither with so pleasant rivers, fruitful trees, sweet smelling flowers, nor whatsoever else may make the too much loved earth more lovely: her world is brazen, the Poets only deliver a golden.” Sidney is not saying that a poet should create a false identity or adapt a pseudonym before he writes. A poets' Invention (we would probably say "imagination") allows him to become in some ways a more marvelous creator than nature herself, but this happens not by ignoring nature but by going "hand in hand with nature." A poet's invention may select and recombine elements from nature's storehouse to create a world more marvelous than the one he or she inhabits. 4.
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ren lit exam study guide - Ren Lit Exam Study Guide Quotes...

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