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.Nathan Ellis Box 621 March 3, 2006 R n D 6 1. Where was Laodicea? It was a town near Colossae. 2. What can you tell me about the Letter to the Laodiceans which is known in a Latin version? It’s almost impossible to date. It really doesn’t seem like something Paul would write; it is all scatter-brained and just has a bunch of bits and pieces out of his other letters. 3. What is the most plausible suggestion regarding the identity of the Laodicean letter? That it was the same letter that Paul sent to the Ephesians. 4. In your own words, explain why Ephesians was intended for a wider readership than just the Christians at Ephesus. The letter differs from Paul’s other letters in the fact that it doesn’t have any personal greetings, which is especially odd because Paul probably had the most friends in Ephesus than anywhere else because he stayed there for so long. Also, any reference to the
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Unformatted text preview: location of Ephesus is not found in the most reliable manuscripts from this letter. Use your Logos software to research the answer to this question: 5. Explain Eph. 2:14 to me. What does it mean for Jesus to be "our peace"? What is the "barrier" that he destroyed? The church was divided because the Jews and Gentiles disagreed on their salvation. With Jesus, Jew and Gentile became one. Through Him, the Gentile’s became close to the Jews, enough so that they could be considered one group. This passage shows that the enmity is destroyed by getting rid of the Law and creating the church body, or the body of Christ. 6. In one concise sentence explain how we should apply Eph 2:14. Everyone is equally eligible to be saved by Jesus Christ....
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