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1 Lee Jane Lee Professor Salovey TDGE 1, Section A04 27 November 2009 Final Paper a) Brief Plot Summary (3 paragraphs) Tennessee Williams’ The Glass Menagerie is a memory play centered around four characters, Tom, Amanda, Laura, and Jim. Tom must be the man of the house and support his mother Amanda and his sister Laura because his father left them. Tom works at a warehouse, feeling trapped and miserable all the time. He feels adventure vicariously by watching movies almost every night, something his mother is not fond of. He and Amanda constantly argue and bicker about small occurrences because she always nitpicks him about something that he is doing wrong, while he insists that she leave him alone. Laura is crippled and isolates herself from the rest of the world, spending time collecting glass trinkets and taking long walks alone. Amanda is so afraid of her daughter’s imminent future of becoming an “old maid” that she cannot stop wondering why gentleman callers have not yet lined up to court her daughter. Tom wishes that his mother would stop insisting on finding Laura a suitor, and that he can be free to do what he wants when he chooses. However, Amanda does not have the patience to do so and commands Tom to find a man, at his workplace, that can come to their house for dinner and meet Laura as a potential husband. Although it does not seem likely that Tom will obey her orders, he invites his friend Jim for dinner at his home and he happily accepts, unaware of Amanda’s true intentions. Amanda rushes to tidy up the house and to make it presentable for
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2 this “gentleman caller”. What she does not know is that Laura secretly admired Jim during her stay in high school and that she is terribly embarrassed to see him again. When Tom and Jim arrive, Laura refuses to eat with them because she is painfully shy. She stumbles and feels faint, seeing Jim in her home. So, she is taken to the living room while the others begin to eat. Amanda, determined to have her daughter and Jim alone together, sends Jim to make sure Laura is okay. He sits with her and they reminisce high school but, more importantly, he learns more about her insecurities and instills in her the confidence that she is completely devoid of. He genuinely tells her that she is pretty and different from everyone else, making her feel special and loved. Also, she makes him remember his glory days when all of the
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TDGE 1 Final Paper - 1 Lee Jane Lee Professor Salovey TDGE...

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