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cohi 100 reading summary #1 - 1 Lee Jane Lee Professor...

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1 Lee Jane Lee Professor Brown COHI 100, Section A12 1 October 2010 Week 1 Reading Summary In the preface and first chapter of Harvey Sacks- Social Science and Conversation Analysis , David Silverman introduces Sacks’ concept of conversation analysis. By using realistic examples and scenarios that the reader can relate to, he explains that conversations are actually very structural and involve specific techniques in order to flow. Silverman’s observations provide the reader with an opportunity to analyze conversation by understanding the intentionality of human interaction. Sack believes structure exists in all conversations. Although this seems like a trivial and unimportant study to some, the renowned sociologist spent much of his life researching and analyzing this subject. In his preface, Silverman states that “Sacks had the ability to turn the apparently trivial into the gripping and insightful”, essentially saying that he makes something out of what seems like nothing. This intrigues the reader and gives an incentive to continue
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cohi 100 reading summary #1 - 1 Lee Jane Lee Professor...

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