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cohi 100 reading summary #4 - 1 Lee Jane Lee Professor...

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1 Lee Jane Lee Professor Brown COHI 100, Section A12 19 October 2010 Week 4 Reading Summary In The Multivoicedness of Meaning , James Wertsch focuses on how we understand language and meaning. He introduces his article with Mikhail Bakhtin’s theory about meaning and where it comes in language. In Bahktin’s view, according to Wertsch, no one owns meaning but it is always from another source, mixed with one’s own voice. This is called the renting metaphor and it can be found in everyday human interaction. Wertsch goes on to talk about Charles Taylor’s theory of the “disengaged image of the self” and connects it with Bakhtin’s idea that interference and subordination are related to ventriloquation because “a voice is never solely responsible for creating an utterance or its meaning”. The transmission of information is the next topic that Wertsch addresses. How a message is signified and how the receiver “decodes” it is an important part of communication and human interaction. Although this is an important model, he also talks about Michael Reddy’s theory of
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cohi 100 reading summary #4 - 1 Lee Jane Lee Professor...

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