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cohi 100 reading summary #7 - 1 Lee Jane Lee Professor...

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1 Lee Jane Lee Professor Brown COHI 100, Section A12 10 November 2010 Reading Summary #7 In Susan Leigh Star’s, “The Ethnography of Infrastructure”, she examines the intricacies of infrastructure and analyzes them from an ethnographical perspective. She introduces her article with an overview that prefaces each topic she addresses and makes a few important points about the difficulties of studying infrastructure. According to her studies, one must dig deeper and search more to realize that infrastructure is not only about numbers and technical specifications. According to Webster’s dictionary, infrastructure means “the basic physical and organizational structures and facilities needed for the operation of a society or enterprise”. Star believes that we should study this system ethnographically because even though studying such things can be classified as “boring”, one can actually surface many hidden details about how society works. She cites her and Bowker’s analysis of how reading something as dry and boring
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cohi 100 reading summary #7 - 1 Lee Jane Lee Professor...

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