Ch 10-Pre-Test

Ch 10-Pre-Test - Pre-Test Ansari,Azam Submitted: 6/14/2011...

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Pre-Test Ansari,Azam Submitted: 6/14/2011 1:01: 03 AM Grade: 71.4% Attempt Number: 1/0 Questions Attempted: 14/14 1 1. Work teams are groups whose members work intensely on a specific, common goal using their positive _ ________, which means that their combined efforts are greater than the sum of individual efforts. a. attitudes b. synergy c. task groups d. leadership Grade: 1 User Responses: b.synergy Feedback: 2. Bob, Rachel, and Barry have been placed on a team in their organization’s marketing department. The team is essentially independent and in addition to their own tasks takes on traditional managerial responsibilities such as hiring, planning and scheduling, and performance evaluations. This type of team is referred to as a: a. self-managed team b. problem-solving team c. cross-functional team d. virtual team Grade: 1 User Responses: a.self-managed team Feedback: 3. According to Professor Bruce Tuckman of Ohio State University, teams develop through a five-stage model. The stage that experiences intragroup conflict—that is, members accept the existence of the team but resist the control that the team imposes on individuality—is referred to as ______________. a.
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Ch 10-Pre-Test - Pre-Test Ansari,Azam Submitted: 6/14/2011...

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