02-09-2011 2 Sample Hypothesis Testing

02-09-2011 2 Sample Hypothesis Testing - 2/9/2011...

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2/9/2011 1 Lecture 6: February 9, 2011 Readings Two Sample Hypothesis Tests: Chapter 10, pages 390 401 We will use t, not z. Two scenarios relating to the test statistic: Assume unequal variances (We’ll do this today). Assume equal variances (We’ll do this Monday). Assignment 5: I’ll pick one or two problems from pages 400 401 They will be material for today, not for Monday. Practice problems: Try Problem 10.7 on page 401 TAs will address this problem in discussion on Friday Go to Worked Out Problems on My Web Site New Worked Out Problems Problem 8.17, page 318: Confidence Interval Using t Problem 9.31, page 364: Hypothesis Test of One Mean Using t Steps Visual p value If you do not understand any part, ask in discussion. This will be the first item of business during discussion. Discussion Session 4: Friday, February 11 First item of business: Any issues with Worked Out Problems: Problem 8.17, page 318 and Problem 9.31 page 364. Second item of business: You will make use of the data from Discussion 2 Data. You will do a two tailed hypothesis test using the GDP data from 1980 2010. You will test the null hypothesis that the mean for a selected quarter is 6898.04 vs. the alternative that it is not 6898.04. To do the test, you have n=30, , and s = 4364.24 . Let α = 0.05, and follow the Revised Steps in Hypothesis Testing. Remember to use t rather than z when conducting the test. (Your TA will explain where we got the values 6898.04 and 6712.39). Third item of business: You will be doing a two sample hypothesis test. Specifically, you will be covering Problem 10.7 on page 401. This deals with the material that we cover in class on Wednesday, February 9. Things start getting difficult. You will continue to follow the five steps in hypothesis testing. They will be written slightly differently to accommodate the two sample case. As you go through the steps in hypothesis testing, pay attention to the way that they resemble the way things were done for the one sample case. The similarities will make the approach and mathematics more palatable.
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02-09-2011 2 Sample Hypothesis Testing - 2/9/2011...

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