03-02-2011 More ANOVA

03-02-2011 More ANOVA - 3/2/2011 Lecture12:March2,2011...

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3/2/2011 1 Lecture 12: March 2, 2011 Today: Continuing with Analysis of Variance (ANOVA), pages (438 450) Connect Homework 8: This is a homework on the topic from last Wednesday. Comparing Two Variances (pages 417 424) Problem 10.32, page 424. It has eight parts. It closes Friday, March 4 at 9:00 a.m. Comparing Two Variances: This is the first topic for Exam 2. You will be dealing with issues about this during Friday’s discussion. Connect Homework 9: One factor ANOVA Problem 11.2, page 449 It will open Friday, March 4. I don’t know the time yet. It will close next Wednesday, probably at 6:00 p.m. Discussion Session 7: Friday, March 4 First item of business: This would normally be Worked Out Problems for testing variances. I have none ready yet. Second item of business: Go to the “Discussion Data Sets “ menu on my web site. Download the data set titled “Discussion 5 Data, Pulse Readings.” As background, there are two sets of data in this spreadsheet. Sheet 1 consists of 46 individuals who initially rest and then run in place. Sheet 2 consists of 63 individuals who rest and then rest again. Notice that each sheet amounts to a “before” and “after” activity. Disregard the second sheet. On Friday, you will be working with the first sheet only. Third item of business: You will be comparing the variance of pulse rates of the group before exercising with the variance of pulse rates of the group after exercising. It is reasonable to expect the variance of the “before” group to be smaller than the variance of the “after” group. Your TA will supply you with calculations for key summary statistics on Sheet 1. You will then perform the hypothesis test using the steps that we addressed in Lecture on February 23.
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03-02-2011 More ANOVA - 3/2/2011 Lecture12:March2,2011...

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