04-04-2011 Linear Regression

04-04-2011 Linear Regression - 4/4/2011 Connect Quiz No.2...

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•1 Connect Quiz No.2 It opens Monday, April 4 at 9:00 p.m. It closes Thursday, April 7 at 9:00 p.m. There are 12 questions. You have two 2-hour periods to complete it. Here are the questions: – Problem 10-32 Part (b): Testing 2 variances – Problem 11-2: One-Factor ANOVA – Problem 11-6: Tukey on one of the pairs in Problem 11-2 – Problem 11-16: Two-Factor ANOVA – Problem 12-2: calculating a correlation coefficient Strong advice: Do the calculations in Minitab before opening the quiz. After you finish and submit your first session, you will receive your score but no feedback. When you open your second session, you will see which items you got wrong. You can work on these during your second session. Feedback is not available until the quiz officially closes. Material for Exam 2 • Lectures 9-19 (February 21 – April 4) • Text material: – Chapter 10: • Comparing two variances: pages 417-424 – Chapter 11: • One-Factor ANOVA: pages 438-450 • Multiple Comparisons (Tukey’s Test): –middle page 450 - middle page 452 • Two-Factor ANOVA: –pages 456 middle to 464 top third. – Chapter 12: • Correlation: page 488-middle page 491 Exam 2: Friday, April 8, 3:30-5:30 p.m. Q: Where to go for Exam 2? A: Same room you were in for Exam 1 Bring your student ID. Bring a calculator that works. Bring pencils and erasers. All necessary formulas will be provided. The entire One-Factor ANOVA table and Two-Factor ANOVA table will be given, inclusive of formulas for SS, MS, and F I will give you the necessary tables: Tukey-T and F (as they appear on my web site). Make no marks on the tables. If you do, the cost is 25 cents per table or 2 points off the exam for each table marked. This is one good reason to bring and use pencils and erasers. No cell phones
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04-04-2011 Linear Regression - 4/4/2011 Connect Quiz No.2...

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